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The Pre-Run

I woke up to a beautiful last day of the year. The sun was bright, the sky was blue, and the weather was perfect to go out and try a run.  I also woke up with a stiff left neck.  I must have slept wrong.  William and I figured that we should do the “last run of the year.”  So we had a fruit shake that consisted of fresh pineapple, frozen berries, water, coconut milk, grounded cardamom, a scoop of protein, and a spoon of fiber.  We went outside and I immediately started to stretch but my body was so tight!  William suggested we warmed up first with some P90x moves.  We did some ballistic stretches and some lunges until we felt our heart pumping.  We then started to run.  The goal was to run to Fresh and Easy, buy some groceries for our New Year’s Eve festivity at my brother’s house, and walk back to the house.  The destination is .8 miles away.  As soon as I started the run, I felt tired and heavy. It was a wake up call that I have a long ways to go.

What’s going to get me through is William.  It’s an advantage to train with somebody who already has more strength because that way he didn’t want to stop when I wanted to. “We only stop if there is pain. Tired is not pain.” He said as we jogged.   I didn’t feel any pain, just heaviness all over me.  William continued to talk and it worked.  He said all the correct quotes from Tony Horton’s P90x videos.  “Think like a cat.” So I immediately tried to take it easy and not jog so heavy.  We made it to Fresh and Easy. I was so tired.  But I’m glad I did it because now I know where I’m starting tomorrow.  I’m going to pace it until I make it!

Happy New Year everyone!

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People that know me think I’m crazy to commit to this. I’ve already heard my first “you’re not going to do it” statement. I totally understand those comments.  It’s a big goal to achieve when I’ve never been a runner.  I’m nervous and scared and yet very excited!  In order to take myself seriously about this, I’m going to have to be very determined and be like Nike and JUST DO IT!! 

This week I’ve made some accomplishments. As previously stated, William and I bought running shoes for Christmas. I also requested the time off from work so I do not have to worry about any job commitments.  And yesterday I registered William and I for the marathon!  I’m registered!  My heart was pounding when I purchased the registration. Maui?  Really?  Yes I agree with people, I’m crazy.  I also started to save money for the flight and hotel.  It’s going to be expensive but very worth it!

Now I’m getting ready for my diet. In order to have the most energy for my training, I need to be eating healthy again.  This week I’ve been eliminating (that means eating) any food that I shouldn’t be eating while in training starting January 1st.  I’m going to start off the New Year by cleaning my system by detoxifying.  I’m going to do the Clean diet for 21 days.  This means that I am removing certain foods such as red meat, pork, rash fish, shellfish, wheat, certain fruits and vegetables sugar, processed food, dairy and eggs, gluten, and alcohol.  My diet will consist of a lot of raw food, low acid fruits and vegetables, nuts, wild rice, quinoa, almond and coconut milk, and a lot of pure filtered water. I recommend for all of you to read the Clean book. You can easily buy the book at Amazon at a good price. You will learn a lot in this book. I can’t wait to start the diet. I’ve probably grown a few inches during the holiday. My clothes feel very tight on me. So next step is to go grocery shopping this weekend and make some food for the week.  I can’t wait!

My training will also consists of other exercises besides running. I’m going to work in the P90x routines to maximize my strength.  I also know that once I start running a lot, I will lose a lot of weight and I want to keep my shape.  P90x will help me have a toned body so I don’t lose my Latin curves ;). 

Goodbye cheese and hello nut milk!

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The biggest challenge to ever keep fit and healthy has been my passion to eat.  I love to eat and cook!  I also work in a restaurant where I’m a Catering Manager. I’m around food all day!  I like to try new flavors, new spices, new smells.  Eating is like an adventure for me.  Not only do I love to eat, but I love to cook.  Cooking is therapeutic for me. I feel better once I go home after work and start cooking a meal. Once I start smelling the spices in the kitchen and hear the sauce boiling in the pan, I feel better.

The consequences of consistent savory meals are the extra inches that your waist gains. I can easily be a size 6 and jump to a size 10 in a few months.  This is why I’ve always wanted to try to maintain a healthy balance between diet and exercise to maintain a good weight for my body.  For me it’s very important to be healthy.  Cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes all run in my family. I want to avoid having those problems as I become older.

I’ve never been a good runner.  This year was the first time I ever tried to run more than what I had to. It all started last year in 2010 when I saw my former roommate working out to P90x.  I liked the idea of a different workout each day. I wanted to be fit but I hated going to the gym and videos where you did the same workout each day. I invested in buying my own P90x workout and dedicated an hour each day to working out. I was hooked on it. I liked that I was working out each day and had time to do it in my own home! I probably did about 2 months worth of P90x in early 2010. I then met my awesome boyfriend William during the summer and introduced him to P90x.  We worked out together and loved the way we felt!  It was a great fitness program to try out.  William had previously run his first marathon early that year in March.  Once I heard his journey on how he trained, the actual marathon, and the after effects, I knew that I wanted to try that out some day.  I just didn’t know when it was a good time to start training.

This year William and I tried a new fitness project. We did the Clean diet by Alejandro Junger. It’s a 21 day detox program that helps you clean your body out of any toxics.  It’s basically two liquid meals and one solid meal per day.  I lost about 7 pounds in two weeks!  I learned a lot reading this book and still try to implement the meals in my daily meals.

I easily lose sight of my healthy meals and exercise when I become too busy at work.  The restaurant and hospitality life can be very demanding at times. Networking is also a big part of my job.  At the end of the day, sometimes I only have time to rest my feet and catch a Netflix movie.

So what will make me take the next step and conquer a marathon?  A lot of motivation!  William does inspire me a lot.  He ran the LA Marathon again this year in the pouring rain.  I followed him around the route until he finished.  I grew a deep appreciation of all these runners I saw. I felt if they can do it, so can I.  But still I did not start my training.  William also did the half marathon in Detroit Michigan and Malibu California. I did a 5k with him in Orange County earlier this summer and a Gladiator Run. These were 3 mile challenges for me.  I knew I had it in me to do more but still did not start my training for the big one.

Now it’s December and I’ve gained weight with all the holiday treats and offsite meals I eat on the go because I have no time to cook healthy.  It wasn’t until I worked an offsite on December 19th that changed everything.  My job catered to a lovely couple that has been loyal guests to the restaurant where I work for a long time.  The couple showed us around their house and this is where I saw the wife’s marathon medals. The woman told me that she ran her first marathon at age 69!  She has also ran two half marathons after that. I was so impressed.  I listened to her story on how she trained with her daughter.  She was told that she couldn’t finish the marathon because of her age.  That made her commit to the marathon. She trained and finished them!  This was the sign I needed.  I went home and told William that I wanted to start training in January.  He explained that it was too late to start training for the LA Marathon in March. I need more time, especially because I have not done any kind of exercise since early July.  He told me about the Maui Hawaii Marathon in September of 2012.  We made the decision to both train for that one. The commitment started this week when I bought William and I running shoes for Christmas.

Maui here I come!

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