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I haven’t been able to do much blogging. It’s been one of those months. I started the month off strong but at the end of the month I got a little behind. I was running about 3-4 times a week but I was getting out of work late and was not able to get to the Internet to blog.  I don’t have Internet at home so that’s why I have to drive to places to post my blogs.  I need to get better at my posts so I don’t forget my runs!

I also left to a work conference in Las Vegas at the end of February for four days.  There I was eating three times a day, and usually full meals. This was something that I wasn’t used to. Typically my meals have been a shake in the morning, solid food for lunch, and a light meal for dinner or sometimes another shake for dinner. At the conference I was having waffles, or a hearty egg meal for breakfast, full lunch, and late dinners. Not good!  Delicious, but not good.  My last day at the conference was February 29th.  When I weighed myself on March 1st, I was 173.6 lbs.  I gained some weight back.  I know it’s mostly from Vegas.  And to make things worst, I have been sick since I’ve been back. It started with nausea, chills, and aches. I first thought it was food poisoning but then I started feeling it in my chest and started to cough a lot.  On Friday morning, my whole body was aching. I went to work and only lasted about an hour. I went home and stayed in bed the whole day.  By the evening I was able to eat wheat toast and sliced bananas.  This morning I woke up with a cold and my head is congested. I can’t wait to get better!

Before the conference, I was getting a little behind on my running. I felt I was not running enough. I now have the urge to run every day to catch up.  It’s March and I need to be running consistently each day.  Hopefully by Monday this all goes away.

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