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The half marathon was great and gave me new confidence for a while.   Now I feel behind again…

It took me a few days to recover from the half marathon.  My body took a hit with those uphills.  I ran the half marathon on Saturday and then ran again on Tuesday the 24th for four miles.  I then ran Friday for five miles. They were two difficult runs.  I was suppose to do three runs for the week but because of work and recovery, I was not able to  run the third one.

This past weekend I was suppose to run 15 miles on Sunday. Time flew with other things on the agenda and had to leave my run for Monday.  I tried to run it after a meeting I had at the Pasadena Convention Center that ended at 6pm.  I started my run on Green Street going west.  Immediately my legs felt like they were pounding heavily on the sidewalk. I was also carrying a small backpack with my meeting papers and that was not helping at all. It was a difficult run. My body did not feel loose at all.  I also got lost somewhere in the residential areas of South Pasadena.  There were a lot of downhills as well that created pains on my right knee. By the time I was about two miles from my house, I was starving, tired, and frustrated. I don’t even know how many miles I accomplished but I was out there for close to two hours.

I can’t afford to screw up my long runs!  I’m about a month away from the marathon and I need all the energy and training that I can get!!!

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